Our bread dough is made from scratch then hand-shaped and rolled to create some of the most mouth-watering bread your tastebuds have ever experienced.




Cinnamon Swirl Black Bread Asiago
Cinnamon Raisin Swirl           
Brioche** Blueberry
Honey Whole Wheat Challah Cheddar Jalapeno
Sourdough Deli Rye Cinnamon Raisin
Sourdough Wheat Focaccia Honey Whole Wheat
Swirl Rye** French Baguette** Multigrain
Whole Grain Farm Irish Soda Bread Plain
Cheddar Jalapeno Pretzel Bread Poppyseed
Salt Rising Bread** Rustic Italian Sesame


Selection varies daily.  Please call ahead to check availability or to place an order.

**Please note that these breads require at least 48 hours advance ordering.